Directions to VILLA TROPICAL from San Juan Airport
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Shacks Beach, just west of Jobos (pronounced "hoe-bows", Isabela, PR

  • Exit the San Juan airport and take the first right (right after the underpass, toward San Juan; do not go onto the toll road). After you’ve gone about 3 mi. on Rt. 26, you’ll go over an overpass, and then the road dips down below normal ground level; take the next exit-Route 22. Almost immediately, you’ll go through a tunnel.
  • Shortly after that, the road divides. Stay on Route 22 (the right fork), following signs toward Bayamon/Arecibo/Mayaguez. Continue on Route 22 until it ends (west of Arecibo). There will be tolls; it saves time to have $5 in change. When Route 22 ends, the road joins Route 2. Go toward Mayaguez/Aguadilla (left).
  • [Aside: If you need supplies you have the option of stopping at the Isabela Plaza while enroute on highway 2. Once you have been on Route 2 for about 20 miles, there will be a Mall on the left with a Pep Boys, a Walmart & a Selectos Supermarket. This is about 15 mins. from Villa Tropical.]
  • After you’ve been on Route 2 for about 22 mi., there will be a long section without traffic lights. Start looking for a RIGHT turn onto Route 110 - North. That goes toward Ramey. There’s a sign that says “Pta. Borinquen/Aeropuerto Rafael Hernández.”
  • Take Route 110 a bit more than 4 miles to Route 4466. You will pass Hewlett-Packard and will drive about 1½ miles pass a gas station with a subway and come to a blinking traffic light. This is the 4466 intersection.
  • Turn Right onto 4466. The restaurant Brisas del Atlantico is on your left (the SW corner). Follow Route 4466 straight, down to the bottom of the winding hill & take the very first Left Turn possible. It is right at the bottom of the hill, before you pass any buildings. There are signs for Villa Tropical, Tropical Trail Rides, Ola Lola’s and Villa Montaña at the turn. Make a Left Turn and drive the grassy entrance to Bajuras Blvd. Turn Left at the post office boxes and drive pass Ola Lola’s Garden Bar….(or stop to refuel cause you’re walking distance to home now). Follow the “Villa Tropical” signs. They are high up on utility poles. You come to an intersection where there are signs showing Tropical Trail Rides and Villa Montaña to the left and Bamboo Art and Villa Tropical to the RIGHT. Turn Right. Follow the road until it dead ends (about 100 yards) and Turn Left. After the turn, we are the 4th building on the right. You will see three palm trees painted on the entrance wall. Turn Right into the parking lot and you will see the General Manager’s Office. If you get lost, call 787-872-7172.
  • [Aside continued: (2) For Supplies – Go to the “Econo” the closest store to Villa Tropical – To get there instead of turning right on 4466 - continue straight (west) on 110 another 2 minutes – the Econo Grocery store is on the left.]

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