Guest Services

The Villa Tropical Guest Services Team includes the General Manager and Family, Cleaning Professionals, Building and Grounds Maintenance “Handymen”, and Sales/Reservations/Office Administration People. Most notably, CHEERS to all our team members who respond at all hours of the day and night to assist Guests. It’s our attitude that makes this Team so special. The Guest Services Team takes great pride in our unique style and image and thus work extra hard for our many, many, return Guests’ praise and respect. Villa Tropical is not a hotel, nor is this a resort; we are better than that – we are your “home away from home.” We rent fully - equipped apartments and have on-site resources to help you enjoy your stay. Our pool is the ocean, our gym is the beach, and every single one of the VT Team members will go out of their way to assist you in any way possible.

NEW in 2014, “GET THE GOOD STUFF HERE” – Villa Tropical’s Gift Shop & Convenience Store is now licensed to sell food and beverages (including beer, wine and alcohol), necessities, souvenirs, gifts, and more. We hope to build an inventory of anything our travellers might need, have forgotten, ran out of, or simply don’t want to drive to go get. We also encourage our guests to have us fill your fridge before you arrive (especially if you arrive in the middle of the night). Thanks for your ideas as to our future product offerings.

As a Tenant renting an apartment, you have the opportunity to live at home on the beach and also have the responsibility to care for your apartment. Please use the laundry facilities for your convenience (obeying designated quiet times) and/or arrange for cleaning services with the office (fees will apply). Now if, from time to time, you notice you are missing utensils, or cups, or a light bulb, or a broom and mop, please call on us. Visit with us at the General Manager’s Office ask any one of the Team Members for assistance at anytime. OR if you want to live even more luxuriously on the beach, we can pre-coordinate regular cleanings and meal catering or in-unit Personal Chef Services. We are here to help make your Villa Tropical stay so memorable, that you book for next year before you leave. Call 787-872-7172


Catering Services: Recommended local connections can be made at the General Managers Office. We WILL fill your fridge in advance of your arrival for a reasonable fee. You may even have us coordinate a personal Chef to your doorstep daily. Talk to us about your needs and desires. 787-872-7172. Dream it up and ask us a question:

Child Care Services: Recommended local connections can be made at the General Managers Office or in advance with Reservations.

Children’s Gear: We have a few Pack & Plays, child safety seats, stroller, high-chair, booster seats, plastic pools and toys. Guests have graciously donated items they didn’t want to pack on their way home and well, the owners have young one’s so we have lots to share. Our selection of toys ebbs and flows each year. Reserve a Pack & Play with the office in advance. A nominal fee is incurred for new products but we try to lend for free all that we can.

Cleaning Services: A FREE weekly room cleaning is provided for stays of 14 days or longer. Other cleaning services are available for a fee. Do you want us to visit regularly (like a Hotel), or just clean a screen, wash some sheets & towels, clean up a cooking accident or make the beds? Please Call On Us. Reasonable rates are applied and tipping is encouraged. Live luxuriously and let us take care of you, optional pre-arranged cleanings are available by contacting the VT General Manager’s Office at 787-872-7172 or schedule cleaning services with your reservation up front.

Flowers: Want to have your room filled with flowers? The VT Reservations will happily help coordinate with local florists.

Get the Good Stuff Here! At the Villa Tropical Gift Shop and Convenience Store. New, as of the spring of 2014, we built a store in the VT Main Building just behind the GM’s office / Reservations. We have also installed a Vending Machine, open 24 by 7, stocked full of waters, juices, sodas, and healthy and sugar and salt spiked snacks. In the Store, open during office hours, you can purchase food and beverage products; juice, pop, wine, beer and spirits; gifts and souvenirs, toys, towels, T-shirts and other travellers necessities (from sunblock to diapers, golf balls to surf wax). The Guest Services Team will do our best to stock your favorite items. Thanks for your input. We aim to cater to our guests and our community, and their desires.

Getting Married in Puerto Rico??- Well we did, on the back of a dive boat, in 1998. We’ve also experienced several Shacks Beach Wedding Ceremonies. Now although Villa Tropical is not equipped to hold a wedding on our grounds per se, we’ve certainly hosted a few. We can recommend the local connections needed to secure the best local wedding planners, florists, caterers, Ministers/Priests and local facilities for group receptions and events. The beach out front is public property, thus you can choose to enjoy sunset vows in a quiet romantic setting OR simply Honeymoon with us and book your wedding at a facility near-by. Ask to talk to Jennifer.

Handyman Services: The handy men on the VT Guest Services Team are indeed handy so if something is not working or the tropical Oceanside elements claims yet another appliance, please don’t hesitate to call or visit the office for assistance. Call / Text 787-354-7685 in an emergency.

Recreational Gear RENTALS: Guests of Villa Tropical are invited to use the community boogie boards, beach furniture, and beach toys for FREE. We collect new toys every year.

We also rent, for a reasonable fee, everything from surfboards to stand up paddleboards. Gear is provided on a first come first serve basis from the Villa Tropical Rentals Office, which is part of the Gift Shop & Convenience Store in the back of the Reservations or General Manager’s Office. Located in the Main VT building.

All rentals should be made and returned to the Villa Tropical Rentals Office in the Main VT building. Use at Own Risk and please report any loss or damage.

Surfboard Rental - $25/day or $50/week. Unbelievable Value!!

Sea Kayak Rental - There is a Sea Kayak available for $25/day.

Snorkeling Gear Rental - Snorkeling gear sets (fins and masks with snorkel) are available for rent for $10 plus tax for your entire stay. You can’t beat this price anywhere!

SUP – Stand Up Paddle Boards are available for rent - $35/day or $175/wk.

Souvenirs: Postcards, T-Shirts, Hats, Beach Towels, Jewelry and more, are available for sale at the Villa Tropical Store located in VT Main building.

Storage: Board storage is available for longtime annual visitors, for a nominal fee. Talk to the General Manager about your needs.

Vending Machine: A vending machine is available 24/7 outside the General Manager’s office in the Main VT building. We will do our best to keep it stocked with yummy beverages, foods, and healthy snacks and treats.

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