About Villa Tropical

Villa Tropical’s Apartments are directly in front of the “Blue Hole”, a coral-reef-protected swimming area that provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sea life while snorkeling and diving in underwater caverns. Villa Tropical is in front of what Windsurfer magazine has called the best wave sailing in the Caribbean and what Skin Diver magazine has called the best snorkeling and diving in Puerto Rico. Just west of the coral reef is a challenging surf break and almost a dozen additional major breaks are less than a 10 minute drive away. Over two miles of uninhabited beach and distant cliffs beckon sunset walkers. Nearby you can also enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking, cave expeditions, the Arecibo Observatory, and an 18-hole golf course with spectacular cliffside ocean views. Mother Nature provides solitude and adventure, as desired.

Guests/Tenants of Villa Tropical come for all reasons in all seasons. When the surf is up, surfers from around the world are here.  When it’s windy, the kite-boarders dazzle and amaze.  When it’s calm and clear, Shacks visitors enjoy snorkeling and diving in underwater caverns. There is something for all ages. If you’re here on a job assignment, you can still enjoy the evening moonlit sky from your deck at Villa Tropical. Call us at 787-872-7172 so we can better introduce ourselves.

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